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"This was our first visit to Trinidad and Tobago, and the service at The Blue Cottage was excellent" - Bill and Maureen Chesnick




Located 20 minutes from the capital city (Port-of-Spain) centre and 30 minutes from popular beaches, the cottage is nestled in a safe, residential neighbourhood with a local police station.


With easy access to public transportation, this quaint community also has a swimming pool and tennis court facilities.

A Bluejay bounces lightly between the wall and a clump of heliconias....A hummingbird swoops down and hovers, drinking sweet nectar from the Ixora Shrub. The sky is blue. A gentle breeze comes drifting in, catching you by surprise.


You feel as if you are at home....and this IS your home for as long as you wish to stay. It is your Blue Cottage.



"Blue....restful....encourages serenity and helps meditation....and that's exactly what we hope you will achieve at The Blue Cottage" - Susan, The Blue Cottage